Bambi, spayed female, 1 year old, 24 Lbs If you would like to give Bambi a forever home, please contact For our application form, please click: Visit us at Yelp: General information Bambi is very personable both with humans and dogs. She is not wary of strangers, but just a bit shy and needs some time to warm up. Once she is familiar with the environment and people she will show her passionate self. Bambi is a medium to small size dog (closer to the small side); she loves to play catch with people. When taking a walk, she follows nicely at your side and does not run around at all. She does not get car sick, and would put her head next to the window admiring the scenery so that her human can concentrate on driving. If her human is busy at home or outside, she would lay down quietly by the side, waiting for the human to finish and then interact with her. She loves to stay clean and would never have "accidents" at home. Bambi really is a wonderful companion to have at home. Rescue Story Our volunteer first met Bambi while she was on vacation. On their way to a restaurant, she and her family got lost and wound up seeing Bambi on the side of a temple. The little baby in the group kept pointing at Bambi and tried to engage her, and Bambi also followed them to their destination. She did not bark or ran amok, but watch them entered the restaurant. Our volunteer thought that if Bambi were still there after they were done eating, then she would take Bambi and help her find a home. However, when they left the restaurant, Bambi disappeared. It seemed that that was the end of their encounter, yet fate had other plans. Two weeks later, a local student post Bambi's picture on an adoption site, and our volunteer was surprised to see the dog. So she took over and started to help Bambi find her happiness in a forever home. Please watch Bambi’s videos below: Bambi profile Bambi Album Good with stranger in public place Good with kids Has no food aggression with human Good with other dogs Good with cats Walk well on leash Temperament: - SOCIALIZATION - Social inclination: Submissive Yes People-friendly: Female Yes Male Yes All ages Yes Living with male in foster home Yes Child-friendly: 0-5 Years Yes 5-10 years Yes 10-15years Yes Gets along with cats: Yes Gets along with outside dogs: Yes Other comments: - ANXIETY - Skittish: No Fear of men: No Barks when unattended: No Chews things up when unattended: No - AGGRESSION - Biting incidents: No Food aggression with dogs: No Food aggression with humans: No - DAY-TO-DAY ACTIVITIES - Energy level: Moderate House trained: Outside Yes Leash-trained: Good on leash Yes Commands learned: Sit, Down, Shake hand, Stay Adapts in new environments? Couple days Dog gets to go out with foster family in a day: 2 times Good in car: Yes

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