Australian Shepherd

3.5 years
White / Cream, Brown / Chocolate


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Danny, neutered male, 3.5-years-old, 55-lbs

If you would like to give DANNY a forever home, please contact
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About Danny:
Danny is a super sweet young pup, very sociable, would greet everyone he met with a big smile. He adapted and thrived quickly in foster care. Being friendly and affectionate, he can easily befriend strangers and kids; also gets along well with dogs. He loves to eat and gets excited before taking a walk, but always heed to command well. His favorite pastime is hanging out with play pals in the park, car riding and his daily walks. Danny is calm and mellow compared to young pups his age, would be a great candidate for family who’s looking for a companion pet.

Danny’s rescue story:
Danny and his three siblings were deserted at the front door of a country store at less than one month old. After they were rescued, Danny was soon adopted by a family. But before long the rescue agent found out that Danny had not been properly cared for and decided to take him back. For a while a make shift shed became Danny’s home, until he was once again enlisted in the adoption program and moved in with his foster family.

Please watch Danny’s YouTube videos below:
Danny boy's photos https://youtu.be/Xfuum5OsZ2I
Gets along well with dogs https://youtu.be/A0L6P4OBshM
Interacting with cats https://youtu.be/rRUmf6wi7AQ
No food aggression https://youtu.be/Y-Rv7bd5yfY
Walks well on leash https://youtu.be/Ss4F909T1dI
With strangers https://youtu.be/XBo6z85Z0xY
With kids https://youtu.be/Tz-PSrWvKpY
Good in vet https://youtu.be/N9up5JhHEZU

Social inclination: Affectionate, lively & outgoing
People/Children-friendly: Yes!
Gets along with cats: NO (Have not lived with cats)
Gets along with outside dogs: Yes.
Skittish: No
Fear of men: No
Barks when unattended: No
Chews things up when unattended: No
Biting incidents: No
Food aggression with dogs: No
Food aggression with humans: No
Energy level: Medium: playful and lively, but can also stay calm
House trained: Yes: will go potty outside of the house
Leash-trained: Good on leash
Commands learned: Sit, ok, no, wait
Adapts in new environments? 1 day
Dog gets to go out with foster family in a day: 3-4 times a day
Good in car: Yes: loves car ride, well behaved in car

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