1.5 year
Yellow / Tan / Blond / Fawn



Nina, spayed female, 1.5-years-old, 30-lbs

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Nina is a sweet girl, gentle, stable and close to people. Nina gets along well with other dogs and cats too; her favorite pastime is running in the park with her playmates. She’s afraid of humans’ sudden big movement; it might have to do with her abusive past while around unfriendly people. Nina is playful and loves outdoor activities. She will be great companion for a loving outdoorsy family!

Nina’s rescue story:
The rescuer first met Nina on her routine trip to the cemetery area to feed the stray dogs there. After she finished feeding, she saw Nina running around on the street looked like she was trying to find someone. 
A couple of days later at the same spot, the rescuer met her again. She seemed hungry and wanted some food from the rescuer but she was scared away by the motorcycle passerby. The third time the rescuer met her, she started following the rescuer. The rescuer was certain that Nina used to have an owner, since she’s close to people and was used to the collar and leash the rescuer put on her. The rescuer put her in a foster home and named her Nina. 

Please watch Nina’s YouTube videos below:
Good with kids
Good with strangers
Follow the commands well
Has no food aggression with dogs and human
Good with dogs
Good with cats
Walk well on leash

Energy level: Medium 
Ideal home environment: Quiet or active both 
Is the dog good with strangers: Friendly
The dog is best with children of what age group? Over 10-yo
Is the dog good with other dogs? Small dogs – Yes Big dogs – Yes 
Is the dog good with cats? Yes 
Good on leash? yes
House trained? yes
Crate-trained? yes
How is the dog with men? friendly
Food aggression with people? no
Food aggression with dogs? no
Has the dog ever bitten anyone? no

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