11 Months
Black, Brown / Chocolate


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Sophie, spayed female,11-mohths-old, 37-lbs
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Sophie and her three other siblings were deserted by the rice-field in the countryside. An old farm lady had been feeding them regularly. But when they grew bigger and it’s approaching harvest time, the farmers started chasing them away to protect their rice. Not for long, the woman found out that two of the siblings were missing. She knew these puppies’ lives were at risk. So she contacted the rescuer to take Sophie and her sibling to the vet for neutering and then prepare them for adoption.

Sophie has a mild temperament, very mellow and quiet. She responds to recall well, and follows commands, not a chewer or barker. She’d be watchful approaching foreign environment or strangers, but will adapt shortly. She’s easy to get along and won’t fight for food or toys with other dogs; she tends to stay away from young kids, though. She’s a good walking companion and has her very unique way of walking! Sophie will do best for families without young kids, who is looking for a sibling to the existing dog, since she plays well with other dogs.

Please watch Sophie’s YouTube videos below:
Interact well with dogs.
Play time at the park/practicing recall
She is so calm in the vet and takes a bath
Good with cats.
Good with strangers.
Walk leash training well
Sophie is good on car.
Has no food aggression with human and dogs.

Energy level: Medium
Ideal home environment: Quiet or active both
Is the dog good with strangers: shy at first.
The dog is best with children of what age group? No young kid
Is the dog good with other dogs? Small dogs – calm dog, Big dogs – Yes
Is the dog good with cats? OK
Good on leash? yes
Housetrained? yes
Crate-trained? yes
How is the dog with men? shy
Food aggression with people? no
Food aggression with dogs? no
Has the dog ever bitten anyone? no

Medical Information:
Vaccination History
1st vaccination: 4/01/2022
2nd vaccination: 5/01/2022
3rd vaccination: 6/01/2022
Rabies Date: 5/01/2022