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4 years


Q-Lo (4)

A-JAY, Neutered male, 4 YEARs old, 40-Lbs.


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About A-Jay:

A-Jay is a handsome young boy. He is mellow, playful and loyal. A-Jay has gentle disposition, he is friendly to adult people, children, dogs and cats. He walks well on a leash, understands cues like sit and shakes hand and is potty trained. He behaves well while being groomed. By nature, he is easy-going, well behaved, and is aimed to please. He is very smart, quiet, food motivated and easy to train that can fit into new family easily. He behaves well inside the house, with no chewing or barking issues. His favorite games is playing with his buddies and hanging out with foster family in the park and his daily walks.


A-Jay’s rescue story:

The only home A-Jay knew since he was born was the shelter where he lived for over a year. When the number of dogs reached the facility's capacity, part of them were scheduled to be euthanatized. A monk managed to bail fifty dogs out and put them under the care of a non-kill shelter. A-Jay was one of them.

At this new shelter, dogs were kept in cages all the time. A volunteer who used to know A-Jay followed him up and checked him out of this second shelter. But A-Jay's miserable life didn't improve much. For the following two years, he was moved from one foster home to another, for a total of four!

Finally she called upon us for help. We managed to put A-Jay under the care of a loving foster family, where he learned good manner and sanitary habit, as well as how to social with people and other animals.


Please watch the video of A-Jay, this lovely young dog certainly deserves a second chance.


Please watch A-Jay ‘s YouTube videos below:

About A-Jay




Social inclination: Submissive

People/Children-friendly:  Yes

Gets along with cats:  Yes

Gets along with outside dogs:  Yes


Skittish:  No

Fear of men:  No

Barks when unattended:  No

Chews things up when unattended:  No


Biting incidents: No

Food aggression with dogs:  No

Food aggression with humans: No


Energy level: Moderate

House trained:   Yes

Leash-trained:  Yes

Commands learned: Sit / Hand

Adapts in new environments? Couple days

Dog gets to go out with foster family in a day: Three times a day

Good in car: Yes

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