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1 year


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Avery, spayed female, 1-year-old, 32-lbs.

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Avery is a pretty young pup, friendly, playful and affectionate. She’s loving by nature, adores being around people of all ages. She gets along with other dogs, but will bark when around cats, so a home without cat is recommended. She’s very cuddly and affectionate with familiar faces, adores being petted and belly rubs. She’ll do best for any type of family who’s looking for companion pet.

After giving birth to a litter, Avery was deserted by her owner and became a stray wandering on the streets. Every time she saw a certain brand's motorcycle, she would rush to catch up; is it a sign of hoping to meet her previous owner? Her act was reported by people to the animal control and Avery was scheduled to be picked up. Fortunately before any action was taken, an owner of the pet shop noticed this sweet girl; Avery was taken in by the pet shop to be neutered and then put her under the care of foster home for future adoption.

Please watch Avery’s YouTube videos below:
Good with kids
Good with dog
Good with cats
Good with strangers
Have no food aggression towards human and dog
Walk well on leash
Avery is cuddle

Energy level: Medium
Ideal home environment: Quiet or active both
Is the dog good with strangers: Friendly
The dog is best with children of what age group? Any age group
Is the dog good with other dogs? Small dogs – Yes Big dogs – Yes
Is the dog good with cats? No.
Good on leash? yes
Housetrained? yes
Crate-trained? yes
How is the dog with men? friendly
Food aggression with people? no
Food aggression with dogs? no
Has the dog ever bitten anyone? no

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