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Labrador Retriever

Q-Lo (4)

Beck, Neutered male, 1-year-old, 30-lbs If you would like to give Beck a forever home, please contact Beck is such a mellow, easy-going and friendly pup! He gets along with anyone, dogs and cats. He likes to snuggle by his human. He behaves well around the household, no barking or chewing issues. Beck has a mild and pleasant personality, he will be the best companion for any loving family! The first time I saw Beck, he had been wandering around in front of a convenient store. Whenever a car stopped by, he’d approach to sniff at the car as if hoping to find his owner? Staffs in the convenient store said he was left there for three days but no one showed up to claim him. He looks filthy but shows affection to anyone who comes to him; he’s indeed a sweet dog with nice character. I brought him to the vet for chip scan in the hope to help him find his way home. Yet, without surprise, he is not chipped. Apparently he’s another abandoned dog! Please watch Beck’s YouTube videos below: Beck Profile Beck Album Has no food aggression toward human Follows commands well Good with strangers Good with kids Good with cat Good with other dogs Walk well on leash Temperament: Energy level: Medium Ideal home environment: Quiet or active both Is the dog good with strangers: Friendly The dog is best with children of what age group? Any age group Is the dog good with other dogs? Small dogs – Yes Big dogs – Yes Is the dog good with cats? yes Good on leash? yes Housetrained? yes Crate-trained? yes How is the dog with men? friendly Food aggression with people? no Food aggression with dogs? no Has the dog ever bitten anyone? no

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