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2 years old


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BO, neutered male, 2 years old, 45-lbs
If you would like to give BO a forever home, please contact OR log onto to fill out online application

About Bo:
Bo is a cheerful, affectionate, cooperative dog who listens and tries hard to please his humans. He has good dog-manners and doesn't irritate other dogs; and thrives at dog parks and other play venues. Around the house he obeys rules, has good judgement, and good self-discipline. He waits patiently before eating his food, before going thru doorways, and when getting in and out of the car. Nevertheless, there are a couple traits of Bo that still need more work, e.g. his reactions to sudden intruder (-like sudden sounds, and dogs barking in the neighborhood), and his mild leash pulling.
He checks-in often with his human, sitting very still and gazing up politely. His eyes are sweet! He loves the head rubs and cuddling that follows.
He *loves* outings: walks, hikes, car trips, dog parks, etc. He has no trouble with 1-2 hour hikes in the hills.

Bo’s rescue story:
Bo was born to a stray mother in Taiwan. Bo and his 5 siblings, with their mother, were taken to the shelter, then bailed out by the rescuer. Bo, being cute and affectionate, was soon adopted to the Bay area at very young age, and had been loved and cared for by the family since. Unfortunately the family decided to rehome Bo after they had a new born baby.


Social inclination: quiet, affectionate, playful, cooperative, a rule-follower.
People/Children-friendly: befriends strangers easily
Gets along with cats: >
Gets along with outside dogs: Very nice manners at dog parks. Gets mildly agitated when passing strange dogs while walking on leash.

Skittish: Bo is generally calm and level-headed.
In a new home he is agitated by routine neighborhood noises in the background: especially pedestrian voices, and dogs barking in the distance. He can be quickly settled and quieted by calmly telling him to "sit". He responds instantly.
Fear of men: No
Barking: Barks when alarmed by sudden sounds. Stops right away when told to "shhhh" or "sit".
Chews things up when unattended: No

Biting incidents: NO.
Mouthiness: Gives a light nip when startled by an unexpected touch by a stranger.
Food aggression with dogs: No
Food aggression with humans: No

Energy level: Plenty of energy, but not crazed energy. He will need two high-energy outings a day.
House trained: Yes. Can use a dog door.
Leash-trained: follows the lead of his handler
Commands learned: sit, come
Adapts in new environments: 1-2 days to become comfortable with new home, new people and new dogs.
1-2 weeks to acclimate to neighborhood noises, dogs barking in the distance, etc.
Dog gets to go out with foster family in a day: 2-4 times
Good in car: Excellent

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