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9 months
Bicolor, Black, Brown / Chocolat


Q-Lo (4)

Callie, Spayed female, 9 Months old, 38-Lbs.

If you would like to give CALLIE a forever home, please log onto to fill out online application


About Callie:

Callie is a super sweet young pup with a loving heart; she is friendly to humans of all ages, dogs and cats. She is mellow and also smart; she’s always smiling and loves to cuddle. She is an absolute sweet girl, anyone can pet her, even a stranger. She is very obedient, well behaved, with no chewing or barking issues. She adores her daily walks and loves to play with dogs. Now under foster care, she is patiently waiting for her forever home. Please watch her videos to learn more about this sweet-tempered young pup! Callie’s rescue story: Callie and her siblings were kept at a cow barn since they were born. Even though their living condition were filthy and restricted, that’s the only place the nice farmer could offer to keep them safe. A few months later, another eight puppies were born by two stray mothers at the farm. This time the farmer had to ask the TNR group for help. When the volunteer of TNR showed up to spay the mother dogs, they noticed the poor living condition Callie and her siblings were in. Callie and her siblings were taken to the hospital for a complete physical checkup. Meanwhile, we responded to the volunteer’s request for help and took over the stray puppies’ following adoption process.

Please watch Callie’s YouTube videos below:


Temperaments: - SOCIALIZATION

- Social inclination: Submissive

People/Children-friendly: Yes

Gets along with cats: Yes

Gets along with outside dogs: Yes

- ANXIETY - Skittish: No

Fear of men: No

Barks when unattended: No

Chews things up when unattended: No

- AGGRESSION - Biting incidents: No

Food aggression with dogs: No

Food aggression with humans: No


- Energy level: Moderate

House trained: Yes

Leash-trained: Good on leash

Commands learned: Sit

Adapts in new environments? one day

Dog gets to go out with foster family in a day: 3-times a day

Good in car: Yes

Personality traits

Friendly, Loyal, Gentle, Playful, Quiet

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