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Brown/Chocolate - with Tan


Q-Lo (4)

Cleo is a loving young pup, she adores belly rubs! We’re not sure of her mixed breeds, but she has the slim build of a hound and extra soft coat. She is sweet and would keep you company when you feel down and troubled. She also loves people and would accompany you for casual walks or intense hiking. Cleo is very intelligent and curious about her surroundings. She is fairly reserved and shy towards to new dogs at first.  Cleo is food motivated so offering yummy treats is a good way to taking the first step of building friendship with her. Once she knows you, she would love to quietly snuggle beside you. She is also very playful and social when being off leash in a park. 


Rescue Story:

Cleo and her sister Chloe lived outside a garbage dump area. For some unknown reason, their mom was not around, leaving five pups wandering outside the garbage dump area. Cleo and her sisters ate garbage to sustain their lives. When it was raining or really cold, they would try to hide under eaves by the sidewalks. When seeing people approaching, they would try to be friendly and asked for hugs, but would be chased away and sometimes beaten by unfriendly people. They had been living this vagabond life since birth. Not only had they never felt love and caring, they were frequently harassed by other strays. When our volunteer discovered them, every one of them was emaciated from chronic hunger. Originally there were five of them, but according to nearby neighbors, one was killed in a car accident. Therefore our volunteer decided to take them under her wings. Cleo is now under tender care in foster home; she is ready for her own forever home.


Current updates about Cleo from her foster home:

For the past month, Cleo has been fostered in Daly City, California.  Cleo does need extra patience and time to feel confident and trusting to a new environment.  When Cleo is off leash, she is perfectly well-behaved and content.  She is submissive, shy, quiet, obedient and great with recall and socializing with other dogs. 


Please give this wonderful pup a chance to feel what she has been missing: a caring human and a loving home.


Cleo profile

Cleo Album

Good with stranger in public place

Good with kids

Follow commends well

Has no food aggression with human

Good with other dogs in public place

Good with cats

Walk well on leash




Social inclination: Very Submissive

People-friendly: Yes Child-friendly: Yes (not to smaller kids.)

Gets along with cats: Yes

Gets along with outside dogs: Yes (She's scared by big & dominant dogs.)



Skittish: Yes

Fear of men: No

Barks when unattended: No

Chews things up when unattended: No



Biting incidents: No

Food aggression with dogs: No

Food aggression with humans: No



Energy level: Moderate to Mellow

House trained: Yes

Leash-trained: Good on leash

Commands learned: Sit


Adapts in new environments? : Yes (but very slowly due to traumatized experience.)

Dog gets to go out with foster family in a day: 2-3 times a day

Good in car: Yes

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