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Adopted in TW


55 lbs
2 years 7 months


Q-Lo (4)

About Cora:

Cora is sweet and loving- she adores being petted!  Cora has a remarkably charming personality; she is sweet, mellow, cuddly, observant and affectionate.  She loves being around people and is aimed to please.  She is calm and stable by nature.  She’s well behaved inside the house, with no chewing or barking issues.  She is good with young kids, and gets along with dogs and cats.  Cora will make a great companion pet for any type of family.  You would truly be lucky to have her in your life!


Cora’s rescue story:
Cora was born to a stray mother, she was rescued by the rescuer at 3-months-old and soon got adopted.  She has had a happy family life with a young couple for two years, until the day the couple broke up in marriage.  She was returned to our organization, since neither one of the divorced couple intends to keep her.  

Cora adapted to her new life at foster home smoothly.  She was trained very well, with good house manners; obviously she’s much loved by her previous owners.  Cora has passed physical exams and is ready to join her new family.  Her video clips will show you what a sweet and mellow dog she really is!

Please watch Cora’s YouTube videos below:

About Cora

Cora’s album

Cora with cats and dogs




Social inclination: Submissive

People/Children-friendly:  Yes

Gets along with cats:  Yes

Gets along with outside dogs:  Yes

-   ANXIETY  -

Skittish:   No

Fear of men:  No

Barks when unattended:  No

Chews things up when unattended:  No


Biting incidents:  No

Food aggression with dogs:  No

Food aggression with humans:  No


Energy level:  Moderate

House trained:   Yes

Leash-trained:  Good on leash

Commands learned:  Sit, shake hand, down

Adapts in new environments?  3 days

Dog gets to go out with foster family in a day:  3-times a day

Good in car:  Yes

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