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Labrador Retriever

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Dinah, Spayed female, 7-months-old, 35-lbs.

Tina Dinah is a beautiful brindle puppy! She is calm, mellow and friendly. She behaves well around people and mingles with dogs and cats easily. Dinah is a little shy, but not timid, when meeting strangers. She only needs little time to adapt to new environment and then she warms up and becomes affectionate to people. She is close to other dogs and is very friendly with cats too.

Dinah has a loving heart, with love and persistent structured training, she will make a great companion for any type of family! Dinah, Delia and Denise are siblings born to a stray mother. Their mother is a good looking long-hair brindle mix, and the three sisters are cute short hair brindle pups. The stray family roaming nearby the farm field was noticed by a rescuer when the puppies were three months old. It was the season of spring planting. Knowing that if the puppies wandered into the field and trod on the young shoots, they have a high risk of being poisoned by the angry farmers, so the rescuer had to move them to a safe place.

Having lived in the open farm land, the youngsters were shy and felt uncomfortable to be around people initially. But with patient work of their foster family, now no matter it is taking a walk by leash, or participating in an adoption fair, the three sisters can soon get used to the crowds of people and other dogs. It would only take a little while for them to feel relaxed and respond to people’s petting and attention. Dinah is the chubbiest one among her siblings.

She is spayed, vaccinated and chipped and passed negative on her blood tests. Dinah is a great pup and deserves to live a happy healthy life!


Please watch Dinah’s YouTube videos below:

Dinah Profile

Dinah Album

Good with kid

Good with strangers

Good with dogs

Good with cats

Has no food aggression towards human

Has no food aggression with other dogs

Walk well on leash



Energy level:

Medium Ideal home environment: Quiet or Active

Is the dog good with strangers: Friendly

The dog is best with children of what age group? Any age group

Is the dog good with other dogs?

Small dogs – Yes

Big dogs – Yes

Is the dog good with cats? yes

Good on leash? yes

Housetrained? yes

Crate-trained? yes

How is the dog with men? friendly

Food aggression with people? no

Food aggression with dogs? no

Has the dog ever bitten anyone? no

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