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Q-Lo (4)

Doda is a cute young pup, very friendly and passionate.  He’s cuddly and affectionate, enjoys snuggling by people, loves belly rubs; he gets along well with children, other dogs and cats.  His favorite pastime is hanging around other doggie playmates.  He’s under potty training in foster home.  This sweet pup deserves a loving home.  

Doda was a found roaming on the street by the volunteer.  His coat was filthy and severely matted.  The volunteer did not have the heart to walk away from this friendly little pup.  Doda was given a good bath and groomed, it turned out he’s a handsome poodle!  At the vet, poor Doda was found positive with heartworm.  Luckily, he recovered well after several months treatment and received a clean bill of health.  Doda is now healthy and playful.  He’s ready to join his forever home!
Please view his videos at:
Follows commands well
Has no food aggression with human
Have no food aggression with other dogs
Interact well with cats

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