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adopted in taiwan


5 months
Yellow / Tan / Blond / Fawn

Mountain Cur

Q-Lo (4)

Ducky, neutered male, 5-months-old, 28-lbs
If you would like to give DUCKY a forever home, please contact OR log onto to fill out online application

Ducky is a cheerful, affectionate young pup with loving nature. He is close to humans, especially mingles well with children. He is super smart and aimed to please, so is very easy to train. He has good dog-manners and doesn't irritate other dogs; and thrives at dog parks and other play venues. Around the house he obeys rules, has good judgement, and good self-discipline. He waits patiently before eating his food, before going thru doorways, and when getting in and out of the car. He checks-in often with his human, sitting very still and gazing up politely. His eyes are sweet! He loves the head/tummy rubs and cuddling that follows. He *adores* outings: walks, hikes, car trips, dog parks, etc. He has no trouble with 1-2 hour hikes in the hills.

Ducky’s rescue story:
Ducky and his siblings were found abandoned near a busy highway. The rescuer has no heart to leave these vulnerable little puppies behind. They were taken to the vet for a complete physical. Fortunately, the puppies were overall healthy, except for minor skin disease. The puppies soon fully recovered and received clean bills of health. They were placed with loving foster families while being prepared for adoption.

Please watch Ducky’s YouTube videos below:
Interact well with kids.
Ducky is so smart
Follows the commands training
Interact well with kids.
Good with strangers.
Potty trained
Play the fetch
walk leash training well

Energy level: Medium
Ideal home environment: Quiet or active both
Is the dog good with strangers: yes
The dog is best with children of what age group? Any age
Is the dog good with other dogs? yes
Is the dog good with cats? ok.
Good on leash? ok
Housetrained? yes
Crate-trained? yes
How is the dog with men? friendly
Food aggression with people? no
Food aggression with dogs? no
Has the dog ever bitten anyone? no

Medical Information:
Vaccination History
1st vaccination: 3/02/2022
2nd vaccination:4/02/2022
3rd vaccination: 5/02/2023
Rabies Date: 5/16/2023

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