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2..5-3 year
Red / Chestnut / Orange Yellow / Tan / Blond / Fawn


Q-Lo (4)

HERO, Neutered male, 2.5-3 Years old, 44-Lbs.

If you would like to give HERO a forever home, please log onto to fill out online application

About Hero:
Hero is a happy-go-lucky young pup with an angel’s heart! He is mellow, intelligent, and sweet-tempered; he’s always smiling and loves to cuddle. He’s friendly to humans, also friendly and playful around other dogs and cats, either in public place or indoor. He is an absolute sweet boy, loves to befriend everyone, even a stranger. He is obedient, well behaved, with no chewing or barking issues. Having been through a miserable past, he never lost his trust in human; he still holds a positive attitude toward his future. This sweet boy will melt your heart if you’re willing to give him a second chance in life.

Hero’s rescue story:
Hero has a super sweet temperament, even though he has had an abusive past. He used to be chained outside of the house since puppyhood and was not fed regularly by the heartless owner. A kind neighbor noticed Hero not only being markedly bony but also beaten by the owner oftentimes. The neighbor offered food to Hero from time to time, and left notes to warn the owner to stop abusing Hero. However, poor Hero’s abusive life still last for a couple years, until one day the owner moved away.
Hero finally got freed after almost 3 years’ chained life; but he still waited loyally at the same spot for the owner to come back. The kind neighbor posted his story on internet seeking adoption for Hero, but did not get much interest mainly due to his slightly deformed hind limbs, despite his super sweet demeanor and aristocratic appearance. We responded to the plea for help and placed him with foster home while preparing him for adoption.

Other than his hind limbs, Hero received a clean bill of health after a complete checkup at the vet. Below quote the diagnosis of the prominent veterinarian Dr. Yeh on Hero’s hind limbs:
“Hind limbs revealed bowed stance, palpable grade IV bilateral medial patellar luxation. The patient can still walk, run & jump functionally”
“Despite the bowing and slightly abnormal walking gait, the dog is basically adapting quite well. He may as well do fine without corrective surgical procedures, as long as his owner accepted his present condition “As Is”. A living space with Non-slippery floor, avoiding trauma, and maintaining proper body weight will help him sustain a reasonable life quality. Older age osteoarthritis, with or without surgery, may be inevitable.”
Hero’s X-ray pdf link:

Please watch Hero’s YouTube videos below:

Social inclination: Submissive
People/Children-friendly: Yes
Gets along with cats: Yes
Gets along with outside dogs: Yes
Skittish: No
Fear of men: No
Barks when unattended: No
Chews things up when unattended: No
Biting incidents: No
Food aggression with dogs: No
Food aggression with humans: No
Energy level: Moderate
House trained: Yes
Leash-trained: Good on leash
Commands learned: Sit
Adapts in new environments? One day
Dog gets to go out with foster family in a day: 3-times a day
Good in car: Yes

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