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Labrador Retriever

Black - with Brown, Red, Golden, Orange or Chestnut


Q-Lo (4)

Ian, Neutered male, 7 months old, 44-Lbs. If you would like to give Ives a forever home, please contact For our application form, please click to download: Visit us at Yelp: About Ian: Ian is a sweet and loving young pup! He’s little shy around strangers or new environment, but will warm up and become comfortable after 10 minutes. Ian had a tough start in life; he used to be skittish and reserved when we first met him. It took us a while to gradually bond with him, and then guided him to interact with humans, other dogs and even cats. Finally, he came out of his shell thru the lead of leash and a sweet and outgoing puppy that befriended him; Ian quickly learned to appreciate the good feelings of cuddling and showing affection with humans. Now Ian walks on busy streets with confidence; he has no problem meeting strangers. He enjoys the companion of dogs in his foster home a lot. His favorite pastime is hanging out with dogs in the park and his daily walks. Ian’s rescue story: Ian was a stray puppy; the rescuer found him whimpering nearby a farm when he was just 5-w-o. We took Ian in and placed him with a loving foster home. Ian has since been trained to socialize and learned good house manners. Please watch Ian’s videos to learn how much fun this sweet pup can bring to your family as long as he’s given a second chance! Please watch Ives’ YouTube videos below: About Ian & his album Answer the following questions: - SOCIALIZATION - Social inclination: Submissive People/Children-friendly: Yes Gets along with cats: Yes Gets along with outside dogs: Yes - ANXIETY - Skittish: No Fear of men: No Barks when unattended: No Chews things up when unattended: No - AGGRESSION - Biting incidents: No Food aggression with dogs: No Food aggression with humans: No - DAY-TO-DAY ACTIVITIES - Energy level: Moderate House trained: Yes Leash-trained: Yes Commands learned: Sit / Shake hand Adapts in new environments? 3 Days Dog gets to go out with foster family in a day: Three times a day Good in car: Yes

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