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6 months
White / Cream Yellow / Tan / Blond / Fawn


Q-Lo (4)

JULIA, spayed female, 6-months-old, 20-lbs
If you would like to give JULIA a forever home, please log onto to fill out online application

Julia is very friendly and affectionate, a cuddle bug when around familiar faces. It only took her a few minutes to overcome her shyness when encountered any strangers. Like any young pups, she enjoys playing with other dogs and cats too. She’s stable and calm by nature, only a bit jumpy when excited. She’s potty trained to go either outside or inside the house on pee pad. Also crate trained to sleep overnight, not a barker or chewer when inside the house. Good with other dogs and cats. She will be a great addition for any type of family that understands the responsibilities of raising a puppy.

Julia’s rescue story:
At a construction site, a stray female dog was found heavy into pregnancy. The workers contact us to arrange a place for her to stay, and surely a litter of 10 puppies was found the very next day! We kept the stray family fed and sheltered for a whole month, so the mother and her babies can be healthily nursed. Julia was one of the lively and smart puppies

Please watch Julia’s YouTube videos below:
Good with strangers.
Follow the commands well
Has no food aggression with human and dogs.
Interact well with dogs.
Interact well with kids.
Potty trained
Leash walk training

Energy level: Medium
Ideal home environment: Quiet or active both
Is the dog good with strangers: shy but warm up shortly
The dog is best with children of what age group? Any age group
Is the dog good with other dogs? Small dogs – calm dog, Big dogs – Yes
Is the dog good with cats? Ignore.
Good on leash? yes
Housetrained? yes
Crate-trained? yes
How is the dog with men? friendly
Food aggression with people? no
Food aggression with dogs? no
Has the dog ever bitten anyone? no

Medical Information:
Vaccination History
1st vaccination: 12/17/2020
2nd vaccination: 12/31/2020
3rd vaccination: 1/21/2021
Rabies Date: 12/08/2020

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