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2 years


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Lucia, spayed female, 2-years-old, 24-lbs

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Lucia is friendly, playful and yet very stable for her young age; she gets along with other dogs and cats, as well as children. She likes to play with dogs; when the play gets rough, she tends to bark out of excitement, but means no harm. She’s potty trained both inside the house on pee pads or go outside; she’s also crate trained to sleep overnight. Lucia has an independent personality, does not like to be hugged much; nonetheless, she’s social by nature, easy to be approached by people and children. She’d nudge her hip toward humans to show her friendliness, very sweet and funny!

About Lucia’s rescue:
On the volunteer's routine feeding route by the hillside, she met Lucia and her newborn litter one day. After one week's feeding, all of the puppies were found killed by hostile villagers; Lucia was by herself wailing for her lost puppies. The volunteer was left with no choice but to take Lucia away from this dangerous place and find her a safe home.

Please view Lucia’s videos at:
About Lucia
Follow the commands well
Has no food aggression with human.
Has no food aggression with dogs
Interaction with strangers
Good with cat
Good with kid
Good with dogs
Leash walk training
At foster home

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