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23 lbs
5 months
Black and white


Q-Lo (4)

Nita is a sweet young pup, she’s cuddly and affectionate by nature.  She is very sociable and easy-going, loves being around people and is aimed to please; she loves belly rubs.  She is a smart puppy and learned everything quickly.  She has already mastered some basic commands and is potty trained.  She is very well behaved around people, young kids, and is good with dogs and cats, either at home or public place.  She enjoys the companion of dogs in her foster home a lot. Her favorite pastime is hanging out with dogs in the park and her daily walks.  Please watch Nita’s videos to learn how much joy this sweet puppy can bring to your family if you’re willing to give her a second chance in life. 


Nita’s rescue story:
Nina, a mother dog, and her four puppies showed up at a park in middle of March.  They are very sweet and close people.  It was suspected that they were abandoned by previous owner.
This stray family’s story was posted online by a volunteer who fed them regularly, hoping to find them good homes.  We responded to the request; we placed them with separate foster homes and started structured training for future adoption.  Nita was one of the lucky puppies.

Nita quickly adapted to her foster home, enjoyed family life very much and would greet everyone with a big smile and wagging tail!  Nita is ready to join her forever home!


Please watch Nita’s YouTube videos below:

About Nita

Nita’s album

Nita with cat

Before rescued




Social inclination: Submissive

People/Children-friendly:  Yes

Gets along with cats:  Yes

Gets along with outside dogs:  Yes

-   ANXIETY  -

Skittish:   No

Fear of men:  No

Barks when unattended:  No

Chews things up when unattended:  No


Biting incidents:  No

Food aggression with dogs:  No

Food aggression with humans:  No


Energy level:  Moderate

House trained:   Yes

Leash-trained:  Good on leash

Commands learned:  Sit, shake hand, down

Adapts in new environments?  3 days

Dog gets to go out with foster family in a day:  3-times a day

Good in car:  Yes

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