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9 months


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Onana, spayed female, 9 months old, 41 Lbs.
If you would like to give ONANA a forever home,
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Onana is a sweet young pup with a loving heart; she is friendly to humans of all ages, dogs and cats. She loves to cuddle and very close to people, so is easy to train and adapts to new environment quickly; she’s an absolute sweet girl. She is very obedient, well behaved, adores chew toys; nevertheless, with no chewing or barking issues. She’s crate trained to sleep overnight, and potty trained to go on pee pads inside the house. She adores her daily walks and loves to play with dogs. With some basic training, Onana will grow up to be a great companion pet for any type of family. Please watch her videos to learn more about this sweet-tempered young pup!

About Onana’s rescue:
At the parking lot of a city park, tiny Onana was found hiding under a vehicle to avoid the attack of squawking birds. She was only a couple months old at the time, there’s no sight of the mother dog or other siblings. After her story appeared on FB, Onana was rescued by volunteers and settled with a foster family. Under loving foster care, Onana has grown into a pretty girl, friendly and playful.

Please watch Onana’s YouTube videos below:
Meet Onana
Onana interacts well with kid
Onana interacts well with dogs
Onana interacts well with stranger
Onana interacts well with cat
Onana follows the commands well
Onana has no food aggression with human and dog
Onana leash walks training

Social inclination: Obedient & quiet
People/Children-friendly: Yes, close to people
Gets along with cats: curious, keep distance
Gets along with outside dogs: Yes
Skittish: No
Fear of men: No
Barks when unattended: No
Chews things up when unattended: No
Biting incidents: No
Food aggression with dogs: No
Food aggression with humans: No
Energy level: Medium
House trained: Potty trained to go on pee pad inside the house
Leash-trained: Excited at the beginning, but follows master’s lead soon afterwards
Commands learned: sit
Adapts in new environments? 1-2days
Dog gets to go out with foster family in a day: 2 times
Good in car: Slightly motion sick, but will not vomit. Stay calm and still in car.

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