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Labrador Retriever

Q-Lo (4)

Pudding, spayed female,6 months old, 21 Lbs. If you would like to give Pudding a forever home, please contact go to To fill out online application Visit us at Yelp: Pudding is very intelligent and curious about her surroundings. She is a little bit reserved and would shy away from strangers at first; however, when she sees food she will come fawning on you. So giving her food is a good way to taking a first step to getting close to her. Once she knows you are friendly, she would love to stay close to you. She is also very playful and when she is tired she will lean against your legs and rest. Pudding really is one of those “therapy” dogs. She is sweet, and would keep you company when you feel down and troubled. She also loves people and would accompany you on walks and journeys. With a dog companion like Pudding, your life will be more colorful and filled with joy! Rescue Story: On a chilly winder day, four-months-old Pudding was abandoned at a feeding ground established by some volunteers. She sat helplessly by the road side, not knowing what to do. When a volunteer saw her, she was being attacked by a bunch of dogs because she was really hungry and was trying to get some food. The volunteer worried that she would be hurt, so she brought her home temporarily and arranged for her to be spayed. She also posted her story on line for 7 days, hoping to find her a permanent home. The plan was if Pudding did not get adopted, the volunteer would release her back to where she found her after her wounds were healed. We heard about her story, and worried that this poor young pup did not possess the ability to compete in a wild world, so we took her over and named her Pudding, hoping that this sweet name can bring her some good luck. Please watch Pudding’s videos below: Pudding profile Pudding Album Good with stranger in public place Good with kids Good with other dogs in public place Likes to play fetch Walk well on leash Temperaments: - SOCIALIZATION - Social inclination: Submissive People-friendly: Yes Child-friendly: Yes Gets along with cats: Yes Gets along with outside dogs: Yes - ANXIETY - Skittish: No Fear of men: No Barks when unattended: No Chews things up when unattended: No - AGGRESSION - Biting incidents: No Food aggression with dogs: No Food aggression with humans: No - DAY-TO-DAY ACTIVITIES - Energy level: Moderate House trained: Yes Leash-trained: Good on leash Commands learned: Sit / Down / Shake hand Adapts in new environments? Yes, slowly Dog gets to go out with foster family in a day: two times a day Good in car: Yes

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