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Labrador Retriever



Q-Lo (4)

Q-Lo is a sweet pup with great temperament, out-going and playful. He’s social by nature, will snuggle with people he’s familiar with, definitely a cute cuddle boy. Q-Lo is a curious, smart and goofy boy! He’s very food motivated, so is easy to train. He is friendly to people of all ages; also good around other dogs and cats. Q-Lo will make a great companion for hiking and outdoor activities. Please watch his videos to learn how much love this goofy boy would like to share with your family! Q-Lo was found with his mother near a dumpster. Q-Lo and his sister were the only two pups survived from the same litter. The stray family was very smart, it took the rescuer extra efforts to finally trap them and placed under foster care. Q-Lo is doing very well under foster care. He is patiently waiting for his own forever home!


Q-Lo profile

Good with stranger

Good with kids

Has no food aggression with human and dog

At foster home

Walk well on leash


Energy level: Medium

Ideal home environment: Quiet or active both

Is the dog good with strangers: Friendly

The dog is best with children of what age group? Any age group

Is the dog good with other dogs? Small dogs – Yes Big dogs – Yes

Is the dog good with cats? Yes

Good on leash? yes

Housetrained? yes

Crate-trained? yes

How is the dog with men? friendly

Food aggression with people? no

Food aggression with dogs? no

Has the dog ever bitten anyone? no

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