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1 Year


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Sandy, spayed female, 1 year old, 29 Lbs.
If you would like to give SANDY a forever home, please contact OR log onto to fill out online application

About Sandy:
Sandy is a sweet and cuddly young pup. Ever since she was rescued, sandy made great progress in socializing while under loving foster care. She learned to eat and nap in her crate, adapted smoothly to daily routines. She enjoys the company of other dogs, also stays calm around cats. Sandy’s submissive and follows commands well; she has won praises from her foster family and is looking forward to join her forever home.

About Sandy’s rescue:
Sandy and her two other siblings were deserted at the suburban industrial region. Although there was feeding by volunteers regularly, it’s hard for young pups to compete with grown up dogs; besides, with the busy traffic in that area, their chances of survival were very slim. Luckily, the rescuer managed to settle the stray puppies in foster care and started preparing them for adoption.

Please watch Sandy’s YouTube videos below:
About Sandy
Sandy interacts well with kid
Sandy (yellow collar) interacts well with human and dogs
Sandy (yellow collar) interacts well with stranger
Sandy interacts well with cat
Sandy follows the commands well
Sandy (orange collar) has no food aggression with human and dog
Sandy walks well on leash

Social inclination: Friendly
People/Children-friendly: Yes
Gets along with cats: Curious, but keeps distance
Gets along with outside dogs: Yes, Submissive when sharing food or toys with other dogs
Skittish: No.
Fear of men: No, very close to people
Barks when unattended: stays calm in crate
Chews things up when unattended: Chew toys
Biting incidents: NO, very friendly
Food aggression with dogs: No
Food aggression with humans: No
Energy level: Quiet, calm and cuddly
House trained: Potty on pee pads when inside the house.
Leash-trained: Good walking partner.
Commands learned: sit, wait
Adapts in new environments? 1-2days
Dog gets to go out with foster family in a day: 1-2times
Good in car: Could get car sick, still under training. Stays calm if stayed in crate, or being held.

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