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5.5 years


Q-Lo (4)

Yi-Lo is a handsome young boy. We’re not sure of his mixed breeds; our best guess is there’s some Lab. and Shepherd’s genes in him, because he is mellow, playful and loyal. Yi-Lo has gentle disposition, he is friendly to adult people, children and dogs, except for cats. He walks well on a leash, understands cues like sit, lie down and wait, he behaves well while being groomed. He is afraid of loud noises such as fireworks or thunder. Yi-Lo’s rescue story: As a stray, he lived on food set out by volunteers for a while, he caught the volunteer’s attention for always waited patiently on the side for his turn to eat, never fight over food with other dogs. However, he would defend the volunteer if other strays tried to attack. One day, he rounded up in the animal shelter unexpectedly. The volunteer worried that Yi-Lo’s days would be limited in the shelter if not being adopted soon. So the volunteer took him in herself as his foster mom in April 2015, even though it causes a great strain on her financial means. Under loving foster care, Yi-Lo was checked up and treated by the vet, whilst received good training and proper socialization. Yi-Lo is a healthy boy; he was neutered, with up to date vaccinations and microchip. He is patiently waiting for his future forever home. Please watch his videos to learn more about this happy and faithful young pup. He would be a great companion for any type of family that will open their hearts to him!


Please watch Yi-Lo’s YouTube videos below:

Yi-Lo‘s Album

With strangers and children in public place

With other dogs in public place

Walking on leash in public place

Has no food aggression



Social inclination:

Submissive People/Children-friendly: Yes

Gets along with cats: NO

Gets along with outside dogs: Yes



Skittish: No

Fear of men: No

Barks when unattended: No

Chews things up when unattended: No



Biting incidents: No

Food aggression with dogs: No

Food aggression with humans: No



Energy level: Moderate

House trained: 100% Potty trained (potty in outside)

Leash-trained: Good on leash

Commands learned: Sit/ Shake hand/Lie down

Adapts in new environments? One week

Dog gets to go out with foster family in a day: Three times a day

Good in car: Yes

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